You should join me in the VRChat Kmart and the Waffle House on the Moon

VRChat Kmart is exactly what it sounds like⁠—not one, but four replicas of the failed department store brought to life in the burgeoning metaverse VRChat. Also, they’re staffed predominantly by anime cat people. When I saw screenshots and video of VRChat Kmart from Twitter user @CoachDorntastic (opens in new tab), my heart began to race. I had to see it with my own eyes.

The VRChat Kmarts are “staffed” by an enthusiastic Discord group of like-minded players, descending on the maps to roleplay as Kmart employees. Even my internet-addled brain can’t quite tell how much of this is a bit, and how much is a genuine expression of love and nostalgia for Kmart and the era it represents. For most of the group, I’d imagine it’s a bit of both.

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