‘Ms. Marvel ‘big change for the superhero universe

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – The change in direction, tone and design of the latest offering in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – “Ms. Marvel ”- is so dramatic in comparison to previous offerings that it creates a version of superhero series whiplash. The reversal of approach can be seen when “Ms. Marvel ”debuts June 8 on Disney +.

Fans of this TV genre have just dealt with the mind-bending, mythology-heavy offering of “Moon Knight.” The series was so intricate and plot braided that it was hard to keep track of the players without a celestial map. “Moon Knight” demanded a great attention to detail and a loyal commitment to following the journey that often seemed to get tangled up in its own passion to be provocative.

Now along comes “Ms. Marvel, ”a series that follows such a simplistic format it almost feels more like it should be a new program for the Disney Channel rather than for the streaming service. In fact, Disney Channel just launched “Ultra Violet & and Black Scorpion,” a series that in many ways has already established many of the differences that Ms. Marvel ”brings to this expanding TV super hero universe.

“Ms. Marvel ”- not to be confused with“ Captain Marvel ”as played by Brie Larson – follows Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), a Muslim American teenager growing up in Jersey City. What she lacks in social graces and abilities at school, she makes up for with her passion for video games and the Avengers – especially Captain Marvel. Keep in mind that the show takes place in the MCU world where the likes of Captain America, Hulk and Ant-Man exist.

Her love of super heroes goes from looking at their world from the outside to becoming a part of their elite clique when Kamala’s grandmother sends her a mysterious bracelet. She puts it on just to complete her outfit for a cosplay competition but it ends up transforming her.

The idea of ​​a nerdy teen becoming a hero is not new as Peter Parker established that idea decades ago. The idea is not new but Vellani is a likable enough actor to win over the audience with her awkward attempts to deal with her new powers.

Her transformation will be mixed with elements more inline with TV family comedies. There is her close friend, Bruno (Matt Lintz), who ends up being her biggest supporter at school and in the superhero world. Kamala’s parents are strict but loving. Look for them to provide the words of wisdom that outline the moral message of each episode.

Where the series does distinguish itself is the art production. Scenes are laced with drawings and paintings that come alive to help personify what is happening emotionally. The show is a kaleidoscope of color that supports and lifts the project.

Those art elements are the only real deviation from a standard television production. There is nothing completely wrong with “Ms. Marvel ”being more on the mundane side of the superhero world. That definitely makes it the most easily accessible program for young viewers among all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe offerings. Add to that the fact that Kamala is Marvel’s first Muslim superhero and that means religion and culture will play a bigger role in her story than in any other character in the genre and that earns the series massive bonus points for expanding the diversity of this universe.

The adjustment is that “Ms. Marvel ”is such a dramatic 180-degree turn from what has been being dished up in the MCU on Disney +. Whereas “Moon Knight” faced a very distinct villain and the complexities of his mental status from the first episode, the biggest threat Kamala has to deal with in the series opener is being caught sneaking out of the house after hours. That does not have the same feeling of doom as what comes with Hydra or even a costumed criminal.

All this goes towards making this superhero light offering less of a primary player in the MCU and more like a spunky young sibling. There’s entertainment to be found, it is just very different.

New episodes of “Ms. Marvel ”will debut every Wednesday through July 13. Be prepared for another case of super hero whiplash in August when“ She-Hulk: Attorney at Law ”debuts on Disney +.

Grade: B

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