Africa Data Centers joins forces with Nigeria’s top internet exchange point (IXPN)

Africa Data Centers

Africa Data Centers (, the largest network of interconnected, carrier- and cloud-neutral data center facilities in Africa, and part of the Cassava Technologies group, has taken a significant step forward in its widescale expansion into Africa ( by joining forces with Nigeria’s principle internet exchange point: IXPN (

“IXPN is unquestionably the leading internet exchange point in Nigeria and provides Africa Data Centers with the connectivity it needs to give customers market-leading service,” says Dr Angus Hay – Africa Data Centers group executive: IT & partnerships.

“The partnership will enable Nigerian entities to migrate their systems into a world-class data center with total confidence, knowing they will have access to a highly available, secure, and connected ecosystem of strategic partners.”

In the digital economy, enterprises are migrating to the cloud and internet-centric technology, but find the expenses associated with operating their infrastructure, including backup generators and physical security, too high. Shared data center resources reduce the total cost of ownership while increasing availability and connectivity and bringing new opportunities to partner and innovate.

“Organizations are moving away from their on-premises equipment to promote greater business agility and scalability. To do this, they need a trusted specialist provider to house their systems but, as well as a colocation provider, who can assume the role of a trusted partner, and provide excellent local and international connectivity,” adds Hay.

Effective cloud services cannot be implemented without stable Internet access and robust, reliable data centers. This is the essence of the partnership between Africa Data Centers and IXPN – they bring internet peering to the table, and the data center provider delivers the local ecosystem for customers.

IXPN, Nigeria’s leading internet exchange provider, allows local content and service providers to connect directly for the exchange of local internet traffic rather than having their data travel long distances. They are increasing the speed with which end users can access online resources by bringing the content closer to the customer, resulting in significant improvements in business efficiency.

In a statement, IXPN Chief Executive Officer Muhammed Rudman expressed delight in the partnership with Africa Data Centres, saying: “We are excited to partner with Africa Data Centers towards providing an additional point of presence to our members within the new Eko Atlantic City.”

“Our partnership with Africa Data Centers provides our members with access to more peering facilities, particularly in Lagos, which will significantly improve connection performance, lower bandwidth costs, and lower latency for Nigerian internet traffic,” he concluded.

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About IXPN:
The Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN) is a non-profit and membership-based organization. IXPN provides a platform for networks to interconnect directly within Nigeria, ensuring that local Internet traffic stays local rather than having to cross multiple country borders before reaching its recipients within the same locality. The benefits of direct interconnection are numerous, but the main ones are cost savings, reduced latency, and increased internet bandwidth.

IXPN is currently West Africa’s Regional Internet Exchange Point (RIXP), with over one hundred (100) active networks interconnected, including all the major cloud providers and all Nigerian Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

About Cassava Technologies:
As a company that is firmly rooted in Africa, Cassava Technologies envisions a digitally connected future for every African. We are on a mission to use technology to transform the lives of individuals and businesses across the continent by enabling social mobility and economic prosperity. Our integrated ecosystem of digital solutions will dramatically increase access to digital tools and connectivity.

About Africa Data Centers:
Africa Data Centers is your trusted partner for rapid and secure data center services and interconnections across the African continent.

Africa Data Centers is Africa’s largest network of interconnected, carrier and cloud-neutral data center facilities. Bringing international experts to the pan-African market. We are your trusted partner for rapid and secure data center services and interconnections across the African continent. Strategically located, our world-class facilities provide a home for all your business-critical data. Proudly African, we are dedicated to being the heart that beats your business.

Africa Data Centers’ aim is to unveil various business opportunities and to develop a strategic network of partnerships. This will further strengthen Africa Data Centers’ superiority in providing our customers with the highest standard of interconnected, carrier and cloud-neutral data center facilities throughout Africa.

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